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 Custodia will be our anti cheat tool in SHL - 26.07.2012 02:05:44

Custodia will be our new anti cheat tool for the Schlachthaus League. We decided to do this step, because our tool is not really ready for the start of the league, and we still didn't finish the testing on that. To provide you a fair game, we will continue with Custodia from now on. If and when our tool will be ready... we will decide it later.

You can download Custodia @

If you register an account at custodia, it will be bound to your steam id. If you cheat once, you will be banned forever. We will provide you a functionality tomorrow where you can enter your Custodia Id into your Schlachthaus profile.


UPDATE: Since many users have so much problems to register on this site we will change to as soon they're including support for CS:CZ.


ich gucke mir gerade diese Website an Scheint ein sehr interessantes Projekt zu sein. Ich erfrage momentan in ihrem forum ob sie CS:CZ auch unterstützen werden, wenn ja werden wir dieses Werkzeug nehmen, da ihre Updatefrequenz ziemlich hoch ist, zwei mal im monat.

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